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End of the School Year Gifting + Summer Essentials!

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handcrafted products + sustainable goods that nurture mind, body, home, wellness and world


better for you, better for the planet

What's new to the shop...

The main mission of à la main apothecary + refillery is to educate, empower and bring intentionality and positivity into what we are collectively using in our home, on our body,

in our life and for the environment!


À la main translates to "by hand" in French. We hand-craft and hand pour our à la main collection, and responsibly source in products that bring in beauty, simplicity and peace of mind.


Through our à la main refillery, you are able refill your favorite products time and time again with ease,

reducing waste in the process. 

à la main promise

We value quality and have high standards. Shop our collection with ease and confidence knowing that our product collection has your best interest at heart!



We are always transparent. Ingredients are clearly listed, pure and clean.

We do the research so you don't have to.



Our handcrafted and sourced products are mindfully, intentionally and sustainably made with you and our planet in mind.



Our product collection is beautifully bottled, simple luxury, for the mind, body and home with the highest quality ingredients.



Rest easy knowing everything we make or carry will support overall health and well-being for the entire family at all ages.


"You all generously included a sample of La Bleu elixir in my order, and my skin can no longer exist without it! I have very sensitive skin and this is the first serum that hasn't made my skin tingle and burn. I cannot wait for my full size bottle."

Sarah, Illinois

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