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5 Ideas for Sustainable Gifting and Hosting

Tis' the season for hosting, shopping, gifting and festive fun! It is easy to get wrapped up in it all and over-buy, over commit, travel more, over consume...and there is nothing wrong with that. We are big on progress over here. We know that small shifts are what makes an impact.

Just imagine if every single person made only one sustainable choice this holiday! What a difference that could make for our environment. To help you out with how to do that, we are sharing 5 sustainable ideas to keep in mind when gifting and hosting this year.


"Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things..."

For many, wrapping the gift is just as special as what's inside. We have rounded up a few ideas to keep the wrapping beautiful, simple and sustainable...

  • Opt for recyclable paper or simple kraft paper as the base for a beautifully wrapped gift.

  • Add some twine or string made from natural fibers and secure with washi tape which is biodegradable.

  • Add a natural element like a piece of greenery, cinnamon stick or dried oranges...or top with a thoughtfully selected ornament!

A few other ideas: Reuse bags many times to save on waste or use a basket to be the vessel that carries your gift/s and the basket can then go on to be used in another way. Or, use cloth or wrap up a bottle of wine in a dish cloth that can be used as well. No waste there!


It's always nice to arrive to a party or gathering with something for the host or hostess. Show gratitude by bringing something that is consumable, reusable, refillable or recyclable.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas...

  • Bottle of wine wrapped in a dish towel.

  • A beautiful amber glass bottle of soap that can be refilled, with a cute bow or ornament tied on.

  • A festive dish, tray or cutting board that can be used again and again, maybe paired with a favorite cheese.

  • A mason jar filled with all the necessities to make a simmer pot. Easy to dump in and reuse the jar!

  • A locally made olive oil + vinegar set.

Set the Clean + Cozy Vibe

Whether you are hosting or just decorating for the holiday season, get the festive vibe the clean and cozy way. Keep toxic and harmful ingredients out of the home while still bringing the joyful smells and happy vibes in.

Pop over to our blog post (linked here!) where we share 5 ways to create a cozy, clean holiday home.

Shop Small and Local

A big company probably won't notice your purchase this year, but a small business owner will. It will make their day (we are speaking from experience)!

By shopping small local businesses, you are supporting your community. This also reduces your carbon footprint from shipping. As we mentioned earlier, it's all about progress. There is room for both big company and small local business shopping, too! Do what you can to support small businesses this season.

Keep It Simple

"it is the sweet, simple things in life which are the real ones after all"

Opt for simplicity! Whether you are decorating, shopping, hosting, gifting...keep it simple. This can be a very commercialized holiday and there is an over abundance of things, commitments, activities, decorations, etc in our faces. It takes work to not get wrapped up in it all at times!

Keep gifts, gift wrapping, and shopping simple and minimal. Less is more. Focus on joy, togetherness, love and the reason for the season!

We hope these ideas help to keep sustainability, simplicity and meaningful special touches in mind when gifting and hosting this holiday season. Cheers!


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