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5 Ways to Create a Cozy, Clean Holiday Home

What's more festive than the smell of a Christmas Tree, sugar cookies baking or a sweet, citrus simmer pot going on the stove? Smells bring on nostalgia and memories, especially around the holidays. So, we are sharing 5 ways to create a cozy, clean holiday home that keeps you feeling all the feels (without the toxic burden), all season long.

1: Bring in Festive Diffuser Blends!

Diffusers are a wonderful way to add safe aroma to the home. Grab a warmly lit diffuser and drop in a cozy, clean blend of essential oils for the ultimate cozy vibe! Essential oils that are quality, therapeutic grade and pure can bring in the holiday spirit, safely. We love turning the diffuser to a warm amber light setting and dropping in some oils that remind us of the holidays.

Le Forêt is a woodsy blend of cypress, spruce, peppermint, sandalwood and frankincense making it a tree farm in a bottle!

Noël is more warm and reminiscent of cookies baking with a blend of nutmeg, vanilla, orange and spruce.

Both are equally lovely. If you are a fan of cinnamon and spice, give L'Automne a try! Our autumn blend is also great for immune boosting power making it body supportive blend, too.

2: Spray a Festive Room Mist!

If you are looking for ways to keep the festive scents going without filling the air with toxic fragrance, then our Room + Linen Mists are the answer. Spray a cozy, clean holiday room mist around the room, over linens, over faux greenery and to refresh your spaces!

Le Forêt, Noël and L'Automne Room + Linen Mists bring the festive vibes. Always opt for a natural scents rather than synthetic, lab created fragrance.

3: DIY a Festive Hand Soap!

Around this time of year, it is tempting to buy all the holiday scented products! Instead, try to DIY your own hand soap. It is as simple as adding essential oils to an unscented, clean hand soap that you love!

Use a pre-made blend, like the ones we handcraft, or a favorite essential oil that reminds you of this time of year. Add 15 drops to a 16 ounce bottle of hand soap, shake up and you are good to go!

If you want to make your own foaming hand soap, here is what to do:

  1. Fill 1/4 of a foaming soap bottle with Dr. Bronner's pure unscented castile soap.

  2. Add 15 drops of your essential oil blend or oil.

  3. Fill the rest with distilled water.

  4. Consider adding a few drops of Vitamin E oil as well, for added nourishment.

Violà! A festive cozy, clean hand soap is ready to be enjoyed! Not the DIY type? We are a refillery shop which means you can come back and refill your bottle of hand soap in the shop over and over again. Let us do the DIY for you, and add whatever scent you'd like!

4: Light a Clean Festive Candle!

Candles are one of the best ways to bring in the holiday mood. Opt for a candle that is non-toxic for a cozy, clean vibe! What are non-toxic candles? They are candles that are made without the use of harmful or synthetic chemicals. Typically crafted from natural waxes like beeswax, soy or coconut makes them a much better choice!

The scent should come from pure essential oils or a safe, tested fragrance and the wick made from natural fibers like cotton or wood. Breathing in synthetic fragrances for hours on end, as candles tend to burn for quite a bit, can cause a whole host of issues including headaches, respiratory distress and even disrupt hormones.

Lighting a candle is often associated with relaxation, so choose a clean candle to enhance that experience! In the shop, we have a refillable option from Arbor Made as well, making it better for you and better for the planet. Purchase the jar once, pop out what is left after burning, and replace with a new insert. Change up the scent or choose unscented!

5: Use a Holiday Household Cleaner!

Just like you added a festive touch to your hand soap, let's do that same with a holiday inspired household cleaner. Grab your favorite go-to, clean household cleaner and add a festive essential oil or blend to the bottle, just as you did the hand soap!

We love Thieves Household Cleaner which already smells like the holidays. This cleaner comes in a concentrated form, so you are able to refill the same 16 ounce bottle of cleaner up to 30 times, from the one bottle of concentrate. We also offer refills at the shop.

Simply add 8-10 drops of your essential oil or blend to the bottle and shake it up. This will clean your home while leaving behind a cozy, clean aroma. Our favorite reusable cloths from Papaya, are great for cleaning and cutting down on paper towel waste too! The festive patterns we have are an added bonus. Same with Geometry tea towels - the holiday patterns are adorable and these are game changer!

Why it matters to choose CLEAN...

Fragrance is considered a trade secret that is commonly found on the ingredient list of products, especially around this season. We can be fooled into believing (thanks to marketing and imagery) that the pine or vanilla fragrance found in our favorite face cream or body mist is derived from plants grown on a picturesque farm. But that’s usually not the case…

The ingredient "fragrance" can be made with hundreds of different chemicals, including phthalates which are believed to disrupt hormones, cause reproductive health issues, be carcinogenic, and may be linked to asthma.

Since fragrance is a “trade secret,”companies are not required to list the ingredients used to make their formulations. Fragrance is just one example of the questionable ingredients used to make home care, skincare and beauty products. There are always safer, cleaner options available that bring the same vibes without harmful side effects!

We hope you found an idea or two, to bring the clean, cozy vibe in this season. Wishing you a joy filled holiday ahead and a bright start to the new year!

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