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6 Tips to TRULY Spring Clean Your Home

Spring cleaning is a common ritual for a reason! As seasons change, it's the perfect time to refresh our sacred spaces. Especially after winter months, where we have been cooped up with windows closed and heat running often.

We are sharing 6 tips to TRULY spring your home! It's important to us that when spring cleaning, we are using products that are not only effective, but that are good for us and the environment. We are also mindful of what we are brining in and what can be let go of during the spring cleaning months!

Wipe Down...

Wipe down common areas that are missed throughout the year like walls, baseboards, and trim. We suggest using our household cleaner by Young Living. It is our go-to cleaner. We

have a great option by Floraco in the shop, too! Using a microfiber cloth, spray down and wipe areas clean. Using a safe cleaner will keep toxins and harsh chemicals out of your home and from the air you and your family breathe in!

Switch Out...

Switch out your most used cleaning products with all-natural and safe options! This is a great time to not only spring clean your home, but to also spring clean what you're using. Go through your cleaning supplies and ditch old, expired, toxic options.

We focus on simplicity with products and the ingredients. Safe options are just as effective and better for you! If you have favorites that you can't part with, that's okay! Changing out even just ONE product will make a big impact.

Let Your House Breathe...

Let your house breathe by opening windows and airing it out! If you put the air conditioning on, you can still open your windows for at least 20 minutes a day to get the air flowing and bring freshness in.

Consider burning sage to cleanse your spaces, too! This is an ancient practice that purifies the air. Scientific research shows that smudging effectively removes about 94% of bacteria in the air through the smoke that fills the room.

Wash Windows...

Wash windows and your front door with a safe glass cleaner. Treat yourself to a new mat and fresh plant to welcome guests and visitors and give your home uplifting, inviting energy.

Laundry Strip...

Laundry stripping is an effective way to deep clean well used clothing (like gym gear), linens and towels! This method requires several hours of soaking to get rid of leftover detergent, fabric softener, minerals from hard water and natural body oils that have collected on textiles over a period of time. We couldn’t find a recipe that we liked and was truly clean…so we created our own! Our Laundry Stripping Powder is now available and refillable. Shop online or in the shop!

Swap Bedding...

Swap bedding and blankets to lighter fabrics! Refresh your linens with a safe and clean linen mist. At à la main, we make a variety of room and linen mists in-house that are scented with pure essential oils. They are a great option to refresh and bring in safe scent.

Avoid fragrance and parfum in what you are using. These are terms that can be a mix of many chemicals that do not have to be disclosed in order to get the fragrance. If you enjoy an air freshener, make or purchase one you can trust. You can also run a diffuser with therapeutic grade essential oils or third party tested fragrant blends like the Floraco blend we have in the shop!

Our spring cleaning bundle is a great start to swapping and cleaning your home, too! We hope these tips helped as you prepare for spring and summer months ahead.


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